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Our Health Mission

Striving to provide you with education, awareness and simple methods to restoring health and  quality of life.  We are proud to provide a high quality level of  service, health education & counseling and medical missionary experience. Commitment to health and wellness to all our clients is our goal and to bring inspired wellness through your journey of restoration.

Implementing 8 principals of health into your day to day regime  will only bring true change and a spiritual peace to all areas of your life. 

We are dedicated to  lead you through a new journey    

of true health  & wellness. 


Experience and Professionalism

 With 20+ years of experience, H.I.M will assess and create a custom plan of care that is individual and personal that is just right for you. We understand the importance of educating you on the most effective ways to take care of your body, so that you can regain health and achieve your goals and implement, modify a maintenance program that is structured just for you. Our approach is comprehensive yet all-inclusive to your individual needs. Self-care Maintenance  & Modification

is our focus to all communities and walks of life, especially your

Health & Safety 


True Health, Healing from on High & Divine Happiness

Not only will  8 Principals of Health  assist your body in  treating your existing conditions, we also work to find the root cause of what is causing the dis-ease. Prevention and intervention is necessary to  avoid illness from occurring. We strive to help you improve your quality of life, achieve your wellness goals, and assist your body in recovery & restoration to live your best life possible. 

Trust in Divine Intervention an the use of simple natural remedies and lifestyle changes can bring healthfulness 

physically, mentally and spiritually. 


Interactive JOURNALing for health & wellness: Small & large groups

My Health: Interactive Journaling


  Helpful techniques that guide participants in making wise choices each day in being physically active, managing stress, building and maintaining healthy relationships and mindful eating. 

Eat Smart


 Good nutrition is all about the little choices you make each day. The Eat Smart Journal is packed full of facts, suggestions and strategies centered around making healthy food choices 

Weight Management

Take a look at the causes and consequences of being overweight. It helps end users discover how thei

 Take a look at the causes and consequences of being overweight. It helps end users discover how their self-image, self-talk and personal choices may affect their weight and offers positive strategies for changing behaviors that aren't working. 

I Don't Smoke


A guide through the benefits of considering change and moves them toward acting on their desire to quit smoking.  Strategies for getting through the first difficult weeks of smoking cessation as well as maintaining nicotine abstinence on a long-term basis. 

Individual Health Counseling


Taking a comprehensive/whole person  approach and dealing with nutritional & physical depletions and understanding lifestyled behaviors and mindsets that may be contributing to Dis-Ease and affecting the whole person and choices. Individual care-planning, maintenance programs and implementing 8 Principals into regaining health, quality of life and behavioral change. 

Health & Wellness & Your Recovery


Develop lifelong wellness habits, gain skills & strategies for a healthy recovery. Learn how to access the support of others on their recovery journey. Self-assessments identification of their strengths and opportunities for growth.

Trauma & individual classes for THE WHOLE PERSON


recovery/ justice services / GRIEF / OTHER TOPICS

Working Your Program


Learning to take the mystery out of the phrase “working your program.” It introduces the important concepts of honesty, meetings, sponsors, slogans, anonymity and service and invites participants to develop their own plans on how to “work the program.” 

Live Free 12 step Journey


Faith Based 12 Step Interactive Journaling for those participants who are looking to dig deeper into understanding their journey of recovery and their personal relationship of faith & surrender.

Relapse Prevention


Provides participants with the tools they need to be able to identify the pattern of relapse and to interrupt that pattern before they begin to drink or use other drugs again. 

Grief Share


 A friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone. 

Surviving the Holidays



  • How to deal with the many emotions you’ll face during the holidays
  • What to do about traditions and other coming changes
  • Helpful tips for surviving social events
  • How to discover hope for your future

Strengthening the Spirit


 **Created specifically for Native Americans in treatment, Strengthening the Spirit takes a holistic look at the effects alcohol and other drugs have on the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It assists clients in discovering how their values can help them maintain a life of sobriety. 



The Impact of Crime on Victims

  Designed to increase participants' knowledge of the effects of crime, violence and victimization. Five categories of crime and the impact of those crimes on the victims are covered:

- Property crime
- Violent crime
- Family violence
- Financial crime
- Institution crime 

 Sections on making amends and restitution are also included. This Interactive Journal provides individuals  with opportunities to understand how a crime hurts not only the primary victim, but also families and communities. 

Basic Life Skills

This series deals with addressing daily life, healthy relationships, core skills, feelings & more. Please call for details.

health & wellness Lectures & seminars:

Understanding The Disease Process

Understand the importance of how your body responds and its' innate ability to survive. How you can assist your body to maintain health. Begin the proces of healthfulness, exercise and mental clarity and lifestyle choices. 

The Standard American Diet

Learn up to date information on current trends, fads, diets in the US. Health issues arise not only from biological factors or inherited tendencies. How to benefit benefit from awareness of what we as a society get from our Western Diets. 

Disease & Death

Gain an understanding as to how disease begins. How healthy are your cells and the importance of health at a cellular level. Avoid bringing on sickness, ill-health & disease into your life. Basic knowledge of your body response is essential. 

Principals of Health

Keep it simple and start implementing 8 health principals into your life. Learn how to have Inspired Wellness and Self-Care into your new way of living! 

Physiological Effects of Trauma on the Body

Each and every one of us is effected by a tragedy or a life changing event. Whether it is an external or internal issue, our mind/ bodies undergo stress that effects our living human machinery. 

Learn about your response systems and how to ask your self the needed questions for optimal health & wellness in any traumatic event.

Nutrition/Varied Health Topics

Understand Benefits of 

Nutritive Food & Choices

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cholesterol & More.

Mental Health

Lifestyled Self - Care


Time Management

Taste & See Healthy cuisine cooking classes: we come to you

Vegan Cuisine


Main Entrees, Tofu, Bread & Grains, Desserts, Breakfast 

Healthy Cuisine


Simple everyday recipes and healthy eating for home and on the go.

Kids in the Kitchen


Hands on demos, fun activities  & safety lessons while strengthening creative abilities

Deaf Community

Classes Available for Deaf Community: assisted by ASL Student Translators


 Our  Goal is to provide classes to our Deaf Community, Disabled and Special Needs

We are in need of volunteers and wheelchair bound assistance to help us with outdoor events. 



No one is limited to good health & safety. We are a Team!

Special Needs


Life, courage & enthusiasm starts here!

Fees / Sessions: Please call for scheduleS: sMALL, LARGE, HOSTED FUNCTIONS VARY

All information and services provided are for educational purposes only and not intended to replace medical advice, current medication or dietary regime while under the current care of your doctor. ** All fees subject to change based on individual/group basis. **